Literary Criticism

I earned a Master of Arts in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in May 2011. My concentration was on contemporary literature; I especially enjoyed studying poetry of the later 20th and 21st centuries. My Master’s thesis, “Renewing Eros, Restoring Poetry: The Influence of Robert Lowell on Seamus Heaney’s Marriage Poems,” examined how Lowell’s conjugal love poems influenced Heaney’s fusion of erotic and agapic love in his own poems on marriage. I also wrote an undergraduate honors thesis at UC Berkeley. The title of that work is “‘Drawing Together Incompatibles’: The Juxtaposition of the Female Body with Images of Violence in Medbh McGuckian’s Poetry.” Excerpts of both theses are available upon request.

In addition to my two theses, I have written an extensive number of essays and papers on other areas of literature. I have also produced creative writing–mostly poetry– and creative nonfiction.


I currently work as a freelance editor for LadyLUX, an online fashion magazine and blog (a “blagazine”) that focuses on the intersections of technology, philanthropy and environmental sustainability in the high-fashion industry.

The Daily Californian is UC Berkeley’s independent student newspaper. I wrote for the Arts & Review Section from Fall 2004 through Spring 2006.

Berkeley Political Review is UC Berkeley’s only nonpartisan political magazine. I wrote for the quarterly publication from Fall 2004 through Spring 2008.


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